Rhinoceros Seed


I wrote up a big long thing this week and then this morning I realized that I just don't feel that way. Maybe I wrote my way through it? I was just talking about some tv show, but it was kind of grim I guess, it's not a place I want to hang out in right now. But I want to send out some links, and in general it's good for me to have a deadline that I stick to (Tuesdays), you'll forgive me a little placeholder transmission.

The part that I liked, from what I wrote, was about watching an animal documentary on TV. We watched one the other day about plants and seeds and at one point they were following this beautiful rhinocerous and it was eating figs or something, and based on what they were saying, it seemed like they were leading up to just a shot of the rhino taking a dump. But then they didn't just do it, they really did it-- the entire screen was just a huge turd rolling out of the rhino's butt, like you were watching a How Was It Made on massive turds. There were big cheers in our makeshift theatre, projecting this massive turd on the wall. Then David Attenborough was right there, crouching next to the turd, and we were like "touch it, touch it" and he DID! Ahhhhhhh I lost it. I'll probably never get to just grab a huge fibrous rhino turd like that but I'm happy someone out there shared that particular desire and got it on tape.

The rhinos serve the forest in an incredible way-- they eat the fruits of the forest and shit the seeds out on the plain, growing the forest out at the edges little by little. It's too dark in the forest for the seeds to grow, but they love it on the plain. This morning I was reading all this other stuff I wrote and feeling kind of a stomache unease, and I got to thinking, I went into the forest and all I have to show is a bunch of shit and this little seed. Anyway that's how the forest grows buddy! I was compelled to eat the fruit, I digested it, and this little part is still alive and somewhere else. That's for the news crew. Hope everyone's doing ok out there, keep spreading seeds!

Links / misc

  • TODAY June 30th if you see this in time please visit this website to see what you can do to stop the EARN IT act, which would essentially destroy free speech online-- [link]. Even if you see this after the 30th, check it out.

  • RI queer + trans mutual aid fund [googledoc]

  • AMOR RI "providing community support in Rhode Island and southern New England for victims of hate crimes and state-sponsored violence." [link]

  • Tooth and Nail Collective is a local farm project that is worth reading about and donating to, check it out [gofundme]

  • Emergency COVID fund for RI Dancers / FS workers: [gofundme]

  • the FANG collective bail fund for people being held on bail in Rhode Island and Massachusetts: [gofundme]

  • split a donation between 70+ bail funds: [actblue]

  • bail funds by city [google doc]

  • here's a little thing I wrote about freeing up money for bail funds: [fujichia]

I got a lot of nice notes last week, just want to say that it's very very nice to know there's someone out reading, so if you feel it then feel free to drop me a line either by email or via the contact page: [link]. Do you guys ever just delete a whole thing?