Orange White, 1961 - present

Hi everyone getting the emails, uhhh this week’s post has a lot of pictures and special formatting, I can’t get it to copy into the email format correctly so I’m just going to post a link back to the castle interior and you can read it there. I hope that’s OK.

It’s at

It’s based on a notebook I’ve been keeping for years, of notes towards a solo show at the Worcester Art Museum, revolving around the painting “Orange White” by Ellsworth Kelley.

I’m not going to do this every week, just shooting out the link. I just couldn’t figure it out this time. Worst case scenario you read this email and you’re like “I’ll go to the castle later” and then you forget. But then what if you remember later and you’re like “oh wait, there was a new one I never got to!” and it’s right there? That would be almost like getting a present from yourself, like when you buy two candy bars and put one in the freezer.