Bail Links

photo by Greg Harvester

OK first things first, if you have a little money, or you're getting regular checks somehow, you gotta pay up for bail funds / support networks / resistance efforts. If you have a regular thing that you do that costs money, like going to bars / coffee shops / movies / shows, and you haven't been doing it for the past couple months, take the money you would've spent, and put it on the table. It's just money, let's go. Personally I haven't had any savings more than a months rent for like, 20 years, but I have a little money coming in, and I'm sending a chunk out. If you're feeling insane or you don't know what to do or how to start, I think paying up is a great start. Usually I put links to stuff at the bottom of the post but I'm going to post them here now--

bailout / support links

  • community bail fund splitter: [link]. this lets you make a single payment to split among a big list of bail funds.

  • updated list of bail funds and legal help: [google doc]

  • FANG Community Bail Fund [link]

  • Black Visions MN [link]

  • North Star Health Collective [link]

  • Black Mamas Bail Out [link]

  • Women for Political Change [link]

  • Emergency Release Fund [link]

for more links just check your own social media shit or ask around for organizations in your area.

You don't have to rationalize this kind of spending, I mean you're definitely not going to feel guilty about it the way you might feel guilty about some other expense. You're not spending $80 a week on $20 worth of beer, you're working towards utopia, and putting up gains in real time! It's an investment. But if you're conditioned against spending any money at all whenever possible (I'm guilty), you could try this trick I use to justify expenses sometimes-- Imagine something you got for a bargain, could be anything, let's say it's something you use all the time, like my beloved acer chromebook c720 laptop computer. Think about how much you paid for it ($150) then imagine how much you would've happily paid for it ($300?). Now imagine that that's what you paid, AND you just found the difference (in this case $150) in the couch cushions. Now put that money on the table and bail someone out / strengthen a support network / contribute to utopia in our lifetime. Obviously this isn't going to get you anywhere if you don't have at least some money hanging out somewhere; this is just a way to mentally extract what's there already. I'm not going to shame anyone for not having cash on hand but I gotta say it's possible that for some non-trivial amount of readers out there that you think you don't but you do. I'm thinking specifically of dudes at the punk show who tell you they don't have money for the hat but they show up with beers in a bag. Just pay up bro it's not hard, and at the moment it's like the bare minimum.

OK actually I started writing a big thing about utopia but maybe I'll save it for sometime down the line. It feels crazy to write at this moment. Generally writing helps me slow down my mind a little, so I've been trying to just go through. And a few people wrote to me in the past week to say that hanging out in the castle helps them out too, which is really really nice to hear. But this week I'm just going to post the links and get out of here.

It's a wild one, stay safe everyone!

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